I hate to travel. . . but (part 4)

 I hate to travel, but… I love trying new food. Most of my life, I have been a picky eater, but for some reason, since I had children, my tastes have changed, and I now I love finding amazing new favorites with each of my travels: Cherry Soup and Hortobágyi pancakes in Hungary Chicheme inContinue reading “I hate to travel. . . but (part 4)”


I hate to travel…but (part 2)

In volume 1 of this series, I wrote about my dislike of travel, but my love of being fascinated. Another reason I travel, despite swollen ankles and blown eardrums when I fly, is because even as a 45-year-old woman who has a successful career, two kids, and is relatively well read and well-traveled, I still learnContinue reading “I hate to travel…but (part 2)”

I hate to travel . . . but (part 1)

I work in Global Education and repeatedly hear students express a love of travel, a wanderlust, and a passion for new places. I would never admit it to students, but I hate traveling. It’s very expensive, exhausting, unpredictable and fraught with delays, canceled flights, lost luggage and awkward interactions. So, why did I, in mid-career,Continue reading “I hate to travel . . . but (part 1)”