I hate to travel . . . but (part 3)

This is the third blog in this series, so hopefully by now you know that there are many things I hate about traveling: Alerting my banks and phone carrier that I’ll be traveling Airline food Lost luggage Flight delays and cancellations Packing Swollen ankles and sore ears on airplanes Economy seats on a 15 hourContinue reading “I hate to travel . . . but (part 3)”

I finally have time to write a blog…or do I?

A couple years ago, I was recounting yet another story of chaos at my house to my boss who suggested I should start a blog.  Encouraged, I purchased a WordPress account and then promptly forgot about it for two years.  Well, I was reminded of it once when the auto-renew payment was extracted from myContinue reading “I finally have time to write a blog…or do I?”